A New Ghana

If you haven’t read the previous post, please do so to learn more about our humble beginnings. We have gone a long way since the first two years in Obodan. Quite frankly, I am not sure that I would be sitting in Ghana right now if I had to write this post from Obodan– but that’s an aside. Our University partners in Cape Coast and Koforidua have provided us access to incredible resources and a world-class faculty who have been more than willing to support our efforts.

Just as we have grown, Ghana too has grown, and it has allowed me to travel more efficiently and get more accomplished during my stays. The roads which were once covered with dirt and filled with potholes are now 4 lane highways allowing even tro-tros to reach speeds of 90 km/hr and cut the trip from Accra to Nsawam down from 2 hours to just 35 minutes. After meeting former students in Nsawam, I continued onwards the next day to meet old friends at All Nations University and coordinate the transportation for our Koforidua students to travel to Cape Coast for SITE 2013. By Friday morning I was on my way to Kumasi and KNUST for the 5th Annual NSBE-Ghana Leadership Conference. This was my third straight NSBE-Ghana Leadership conference and it seems that each year the guys try to make the conference longer, bigger, and better. With passionate leaders and advisors and over 2000 members, most of whom are affiliated with University chapters, NSBE Ghana finally seems ready to stand on its own.

After a successful gathering and a long Saturday in Kumasi I eventually ended up in Koforidua for the night where I am writing, organizing lesson plans, and collecting my thoughts as SITE: Ghana 2013 is just around the corner. Check back in a few days for a recap of week one of the program!

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