The final days in Mexico!

It’s almost the end of our SITE: Mexico Program. Where did time go?  The past 3 weeks have been incredible and an absolute success for all of us at ELiTE.  The program has of course had its challenges, from finding materials to translating course instructions and tutorials and getting all of the programs and computers to work, but we have a fantastic team on site and great support from our partners at INAOE.

At the end of week two we are already moving on to more difficult material and experiencing the technological and scientific curiosity of our students grow as they immerse in the chemistry, mechatronics, electronics and programming curriculum. This week our students wrote their first code for their very own word games using the raspberry pies. They learned about non-Newtonian fluids, calorimetry and have gained the basics of mechatronics preparing them to program their own robots during our last week!


We’ve had so much fun here in Mexico. It has been incredibly rewarding to spark up interest in science and technology and show our students that STEM is fun. Our volunteers have also been able to explore Tonanzintla and its local traditions, and venture off to visit the ancient wonders of the Pre-Columbian Americas at Teotihuacan and historic centers in Mexico City.  I am so proud of the successes of ELiTE’s first Mexico program and I can’t wait to see what the future brings!


P.S. Stay tuned for Chelsey’s first post from the Ghana SITE 2013!

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