Solo Pilot

Today I depart for Tanzania on a British Airways fight through London. I will be ELiTE’s sole representative for this new program, and the anticipation is driving me a bit crazy. Chelsey and I are frantically packing the teaching gear into my duffle to make sure that I have everything this program will need before the flight. Although it all feels a bit chaotic right now, we’re in the capable hands of master organizer Paige Propper Sanborn, and I’m confident this trip will be a success.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the new Tanzania SITE, let me give a brief history. Chelsey’s Aunt Vernell works for Delta and happened to be working a flight that Paige was on last year. While Paige was browsing through photos from a project in Africa, Vernell took notice and told Paige about Chelsey and ELiTE. Paige, a child psychologist, educational film producer, philanthropic organizer and general do-gooder, in turn told Vernell about a primary school in Tanzania that her family built called the Zariki School. The match-up was serendipitous to say the least, and after Chelsey and Paige met, a partnership was born.

A year after meeting Paige, the ELiTE directors agreed that we were finally ready to take up Paige’s standing offer to run a SITE at the Zariki school. The program is small – fifteen students, a couple facilitators and only one week – to pilot ELiTE’s SITE program in the new location. Nonetheless, the program promises to be a lot of fun and very productive. The ELiTE curriculum team has put together a course of lessons based on the theme “Using Energy”. I plan on leading students through a series of activities and experiments that will introduce the diverse forms of energy and methods for their measurement, engineering techniques to convert between different forms of energy, and particular challenges in solar and wind energy generation for small-scale power. Furthermore, we have planned a number of engineering challenges and mini field trips to give students more practical exposure.

Please stay tuned to future posts for more details. I can’t guarantee a steady Internet connection at this time, but rest assured that I will do my best to keep you all updated. Thanks for reading, and keep it up!

All the best,

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