NSBE… Power

In August 2010 ELiTE formed a partnership with NSBE Ghana to provide local support for program participants in Nsawam. In September, the Nsawam NSBE PCI Chapter was established by Chelsey Roebuck and adopted by Columbia University NSBE to provide programming and resources for Nsawam students throughout the academic year. The majority of the ELiTE SITE: 2011 participants from Nsawam are also members of this PCI Chapter.

So on August 19th, 2011, while the majority of the ELiTE students were back at University Practice SHS enjoying an afternoon of basketball and soccer, 5 student leaders had the opportunity to travel to Takoradi for the 4th annual National Society of Back Engineers (NSBE), Ghana National Leadership Conference as executives for their school PCI chapters.

The 2-day conference was a great opportunity for Ghanaian students and professionals to come together and network around their shared interests in engineering and science. The conference was jam packed with artistic performances and presentations by Ghanaian leaders in engineering and applied science. Administrators and department chairs representing all of the major universities in Ghana gave speeches. Also, representatives from corporations such as Cummins Engines and Tullow Oil spoke about opportunities within their organizations. The event was highlighted with a discussion lead by Professor S.Y. Mensah, once recognized as the greatest scientist in all of Ghana, and an inspiring appearance by Calvin Young, former NSBE Region 1 Chairperson (the NSBE region which Ghana is a part of).

The conference provided a great opportunity for our students to build relationships with current university students, professors, and alumni.  This experience has certainly inspired and empowered each students to reach towards our collective goal of developing the next generation of Ghanaian leaders in science and engineering.

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