Ghana… In case you were wondering

Hello from Ghana!

The ELiTE team arrived in Ghana on Tuesday morning, and we’ve had an action packed week since. The trip began by confirming our suspicions of Royal Air Maroc (RAM). Not only did RAM fail to book a single passenger to their first class cabin (an early sign of trouble), but they managed to leave every bag that was booked to Ghana from NYC in Casablanca during the lay-over. And so, the three of us (Clay, Chelsey and Thabo) lived out of our backpacks for a couple days while we waited for RAM to send our bags on the next flight.

In the meantime, we met with our partners at UCC and worked through the final planning of the program. Everything looks like it’s running smoothly for now. Our lodging is considerably nicer than last year, but if you didn’t follow our past two trips than you would be hard pressed to believe it. We have a suite with three rooms and a common room, kitchen and bathroom with two toilets and two showers. However, the water doesn’t run so we fetch it from a nearby well, and the space will get very cozy as soon as ten of our top students invited from the past Nsawam years arrive to live in the extra rooms during the program. We’ll have more detail posted soon.

After our early meetings we went back to Accra to pick up our bags. As we should have expected, they only managed to send some of our bags two days after our flight. Chelsey’s duffel is still in Casablanca and we’re crossing our fingers hoping that it flies in tomorrow morning. We have received a warm welcome from Ellis’ family (Ellis is a friend of Chelsey’s who lives in Accra) and we’re gradually building delusions of comfort for our trip. The weekend should be fun as well, and we will update the blog again when we get back to Cape Coast.

I’m hearing calls to get in the car so it’s time for me to sign off. Until next time, Medasi for reading and keep in touch!



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