It seems like all of our posts start with apologies in regards to our absence from the internet scene. We always have a very good reason for being preoccupied but learning to both be thoroughly involved in our work AND retain the distance required to share our progress with the outside world is a skill we have yet to develop (but one we are certainly working on).

In less than a month, Chelsey, our fearless director, leaves for Jamaica. As we are working to decrease our operating costs (thereby allowing more money to go into the programs themselves), he will be the only member of our team going to implement our pilot program in Kingston. Luckily, Chelsey will be backed by a team of very driven and enthusiastic engineers from a few Kingston universities. They have been working to arrange all of the logistics on the ground and will serve as the instructors for the courses. We are still working on the curricula for the Jamaica program but are trying to tailor it to fulfill specific needs and interests such as a class on energy resources. We are all very excited about expanding our programing and can’t wait to see how next month goes.

After our Jamaica program ends, both Chelsey and Clayton will be heading over to Ghana for another month-long program. We are trying to move our program from Nsawam to Cape Coast in the hopes of reaching more students and increasing our access to materials for our projects. Although we have worked in Ghana for the last two years, the move to Cape Coast will still provide many of the challenges of an entirely new program. While taking on so much work has left many of us a little frazzled by the amount we have to get done in the next month or so, the end product will be rewarding.

Leading up to our programs this summer, we are hosting a “friend-raiser” with TEAK, a New York non-profit, later this month. It will be a great chance to raise awareness about our program within the education and engineering communities.

And finally, it is official. No, not our 501(c)3 status (I wish! We won’t hear anything about that for a while yet) but rather, the ELiTE board no longer has any undergraduates among its ranks. Now that we are all officially college graduates, we will not only have more time to commit to our cause, but we also have extensive knowledge bases from which to draw upon (and the degrees to prove it!).


Until next time,


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