Logos and Recruitment

We need a new logo. An organization’s logo is as important (or perhaps even more so) than its actual name. It must not only accurately reflect the purpose of the organization but it must also be attractive (and as cliché-free as possible). Being a new non-profit, we don’t have the funds to pay a professional graphic designer to come up with a logo for us, therefore, we are doing it ourselves. Being engineering minded people, we have the creativity part down, but we are still searching for that perfect, memorable image that will both represent our purpose and stick in the minds of those who see it. Perhaps we will share with you all some of our ideas later.

The logo, however, isn’t consuming all of our thoughts at the moment. We have started recruitment for our summer programs. We have received some positive response from potential facilitators but are still looking to fill a few more positions. Visit our website, www.elite-education.org, for more information about our programs and to submit an application for a facilitator position on our team!

Until next time!


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